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Sock doping on the Passo Gavia

Sock doping on the Passo Gavia

Italia 2017
Take a look at the footage from Nick’s Gopro – descending the Gavia and Stelvio.   A beautiful day for it. 

8 Lessons for cyclists from other sports
1. Improve your physical conditioning – holding a position for hours and hours on the bike means that some muscles get incredibly tight and others can become prone to overuse injuries.  Physical conditioning is fundamental in sports like running, martial arts and ballet; as cyclists we could learn a lot from watching how these athletes prepare each muscle group to better their trainig and performances and stay injury free.
2. Consider reverse periodisation – If you already have a high level of fitness, instead of spending all winter doing long, slow rides, keep doing shorter, faster sessions, focusing on speed and power.  Later, as the race season beckons, up your distances.
3. Do more intervals – runners tend to do sessions with more intervals, and often with shorter recoveries, than is favoured in cycling. If you’re feeling physically capable of it, add one or two extra intervals to your session; it could help take your fitness to the next level.
4. Practise race craft – There are always certain skills we can get better at as cyclists, whether on the road, track or trail.  Put aside a few minutes on each ride to practise at least one of these.
5. Find your song – a short repetitive song that you can sing in your head and adapt to reflect a mantra can be a great way to distract yourself from the pain during intense sessions.  Keep a positive message circulating inside your head.
6. Learn a relaxation technique – Racing can be anxiety inducing.  Using simple relaxation techniques can turn nervous energy into valuable extra focus.
7. Use active recovery – Keep moving when you are recovering from a hard training sessions.  in many sports, walking swimming or a gentle spin are believed to offer better recovery than staying still.
8. Get researching – bike companies continually do research to make their kit faster and more aerodynamic.  Keep up to date with developments to stay abreast of who’s offering the most bang for your buck. and look out for the research coming from the sports science universities to keep track of the latest discoveries not only in cycling but in other sports too with a view to bringing new elements into your own racing or training.

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