Ciclismo Newsletter Week beginning August 1st.

Training : Wednesday 3rd and Friday 5th August at 5:45am.

Training rides
A training ride should be just that – training and riding together safely.  It’s advisable on Sydney’s roads to present a uniform bunch by :

  • Clearly riding paired up
  • Not half wheeling each other
  • Not overlapping wheels
  • Riding at a consistent pace
  • Never being more than two abreast
  • Being predictable so the traffic can ascertain your speed
  • Keeping the back of the bunch tidy
  • Calling riders over to overtake safely

None of this is hard on paper but it is harder to do in practice than you might think.  It might mean some of the stronger riders riding well within themselves but doing a longer turn on the front.   Some of the weaker riders might have to do a short turn on the front or maybe no turn at all.
Bunch etiquette is there to keep us all safe on the road.   If you would like to ride at the back of a group you don’t know, remember to introduce yourself and ask if it’s OK that you sit on the back.  If you come through and do a turn with the group, also ask if it’s OK that you come and do a turn.  Most groups will be happy to have someone else to do some work – however if they would prefer you just stay at the back you have to respect their wishes.
Always try to overtake on the right as per the traffic rules.  If, for some reason, you really have to overtake on the inside, call it loudly and clearly.
Communicate the obstacles and the holes and be very clear in your calls of “Wait” and “Over” if you are calling the group into the overtaking lane.
Try to keep the pace at the front of the group consistent and smooth – that is don’t surge and also don’t slow down.  If your pace is slowing too much, it’s time to roll.
We ride in a city where the traffic is particularly unforgiving and we all need to take extra care because of that.

Updated: September 24, 2018 — 5:03 pm

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