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Training : Wednesday 17th and Friday 19th August at 5:45am.


As it’s getting lighter for the morning sessions, we will be starting to work on more bunch & race skills.

This week we started practicing sprinting & trying to get comfortable in the sprint position.

Eventually this position should become so comfortable it will become second nature.

Things to perfect when sprinting

1. The hand position should always be on the drops because you are lower thus more aerodynamic.   Just take a look at the pros in a bunch sprint – none of them will be on the hoods.
2. When you are on the drops, you can move your body position further over the front wheel that way you are taking the weight of your upper body away from your legs which equals more power. And if you are far enough forward your saddle won’t touch your inner legs.
3. Your head and neck position should be relaxed and in line with your back (not tilted back as this feels uncomfortable and will place strain on your neck). Try & look through the top of your sunglasses so that way you don’t need to tilt your head back to see where you are going.
4. Some times in the sprint you will need to shift into harder gears so get used to having your finger over the lever so you can shift if need be.
5. Practice this at slow speed firstly and gradually increase the pace. Also it’s important when sprinting that you must hold your line otherwise you could be disqualified or cause an accident.

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